Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics Solutions

A Predictive Analytics Solutions or forecasting system, is a statement about uncertain event, often which based upon the knowledge or experience. In computer language, the term “prediction” is used to refer an “opinion or guess” which might be informed by person’s Inductive reasoning Abductive reasoning, Deductive reasoning and previous experience that may be useful. In statistics, a Predictive Analytics Software has been build with statistical inference or predictive inference which can be undertaken within various approaches to transferring knowledge of sample population to the whole population.


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Why Webtunix is Perfect for building Predictive Analytics Solutions ?

Predictive Analytics Solutions needs proper understanding of mathematical and statistical principles that underlie modern data science techniques or machine learning algorithms. Webtunix AI has team of data analysts who are mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists for consumer.

Types of Predictive Analytics Solutions and Software

Finance / Stock Market Predictive Analytics Software

Stock market Predictive Analytics Software is term of trying to define the future value of Company’s financial instrument and stock traded on exchange. The successful stock prediction future price could significant profitable. The stock market hypothesis determines that stocks prices reflects the all information available currently and changes are not based on newly revealed information therefore are inherently unpredictable. Our Stock Market Predictive Analytics Solutions Comprises of OHLCV Data (Open, High, Low, Close, volume) Data.

Sports Betting Predictive Analytics Solutions

Webtunix has build Sports Betting Predictive Analytics Solutions for National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), Tennis for Australian Open, National Football League (NFL) and Building more applications using Machine Learning techniques.

Sports Betting Predictive Analytics Solutions or Sports Gaming Predictive Analytics Solutions are sets of events that combined for specific game for particular sport representation for making profits. The sports Betting system involves humans, there is no deterministic edge to use gambling or betting house. This prediction system is based upon the statistical analysis for accurate predictions. There are plenty of games features available to follow for predictions : 3PA, Streak, Home Away, Re-bounds, Assists, Fields Goals, Field Goal Percentage, team Fouls, steals , turnover, block , effective goals and many more. For statistical modelling, we prefer regression analysis to determine the important factors which affect higher on outcome of event. Basically, Sports Betting Predictive Analytics Solutions are done with multivariate linear regression. Because these events are complicated containing many parameters which is extremely difficult to understand,but not impossible, SO needs to identify the variable correctly that affects high on outcome of game.